CAPA Competitions


NOTE: Please refer to the “Competitions Guidelines Tab” prior to entering a CAPA competition.

All VCC  CAPA “Club” competition must be submitted to the VCC CAPA representative by the Vernon Camera Club deadline date for that specific competition . Please send your club entries for all competitions to your Vernon Camera Club CAPA representative, Jack Carriou, at


Nature                                     September 30, 2017

Fine Art                                   September 30, 2017

Print                                        September 30, 2017

Photo Journalism                    October 30, 2017

Black & White                          January 07, 2018

Creative Altered Reality           February 04, 2018

Audio Visual Presentation        March 04, 2018

Open                                        March 04, 2018

Close-up                                   April 02, 2018

Please note that additional CAPA competitions may be added during the year and will be posted on this page

Each competition has specific instructions, scope and editing criteria. The details for each competition are listed in the CAPA Competition Guide 2017–2018 which will be available shortly.

A two month reminder will be sent to Club members of upcoming CAPA competitions and the “Vernon Deadline Date” for submitting entries.

For further information or assistance with the CAPA competitions contact Jack at