CAPA Competitions

NOTE: Please refer to the “Competitions Guidelines Tab” prior to entering a CAPA competition.

All VCC  CAPA “Club” competition must be submitted to the VCC CAPA representative by the Vernon Camera Club deadline date for that specific competition . Please send your club entries for all competitions to your Vernon Camera Club CAPA representative, Jack Carriou, at

Note that each club member may submit up to a maximum of two images for consideration per competition.


 Close-up                                   April 25, 2018


Additional CAPA competitions may be added during the year and will be posted on this page.

Each competition has specific instructions, scope and editing criteria.

A two month reminder will be sent to Club members of upcoming CAPA competitions and the “Vernon Deadline Date” for submitting entries.

For further information or assistance with the CAPA competitions contact Jack at

CLOSE-UP - CAPA Competition – Deadline: April 25, 2018

Please send your entry to your CAPA representative, Jack Carriou:

Scope of Competition: For this competition, the focus is on the principle of extreme magnification in capturing items or elements not normally viewed. Get as close as possible to the subject so as to get the maximum magnification and “filling the frame is paramount”.  Simply fill the frame with the image using whatever lens is available to you.

Open Theme: The key emphasis of this competition is to “filling the frame is paramount” without the requirement of cropping the image in post processing. Therefore, appropriate composition is required at the time of image capture. For this competition, you can use a dedicated macro prime lens, zoom lens, or a regular lens using a diopter, extension tubes, bellows, close up filters, lens extender or reverse lens.  A combination of these devices are also permitted.

Image can be fish, insect, mammal, reptile, plant, vegetable, fruit, flowers, water drops, spider webs, object, etc…  Both detailed and accurate representation of a subject and creative interpretation and impression through selective focus, etc… are acceptable. Close-up photography covers a broader range of lens options and techniques to achieve maximum magnification.

Judging Criteria: Judges will award their scoring based on key elements such as composition, technique and subject matter.  However, the judges will have a strong emphasis on the creative message, quality of execution, innovation, and ‘wow’ factor. Also, the title contributes to the story telling of the image.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Prior to approving the competition results, the Director of Competitions will commence a process to verify the quality and authenticity of the submitted image. This process will include having all potential winners with the highest scores to forward their original files (RAW or JPG) within a set period of time. For this process, various techniques will be used to ensure the competition editing criteria is being adhered to.

Images will be “deemed unsuitable” and will not be included in the final competition results report – if: (i) no original image is received by the Director of Competitions within a set period of time; and (ii) the image does not meet the conditions for either the scope of the competition or editing criteria for this competition.

Editing Criteria - Restricted Editing: Images cannot be cropped in post processing to simulate a macro image. Therefore, the appropriate composition must be taken at time of image capture. Editing may include basic clean up, white balance adjustment, tone adjustments colour correction, clarity, vibrancy, saturation, sharpening and dodging/burning – as well as focus stacking, multiple exposure.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For this competition, the Entrant must preserve the original JPG or RAW formatted files containing the metadata details. -> Colour or black & white or monochrome images are permitted.

Image Specifications: JPG file format with the following conditions: Dimensions (important): Maximum horizontal size: 1400 pixels and Maximum vertical size: 1050 pixels. - Note: One of the dimensions must be exactly the maximum allowed size and neither dimension may exceed the maximum pixels for that dimension. - Maximum file size: 1.8 MB. (Jack will verify entries ahead of time)

File naming Convention: Jack will do the appropriate naming convention of all entries for the competition.

Eligibility Criteria: Prior to submitting any photo, all entrants must first read the CAPA Eligibility Criteria relating to images submissions:

All entries will be reviewed and ranked by the club selection group. CAPA club competitions only allows each club to enter 6 images from six different club members.

For assistance or more information contact Jack at