Page updated February 29, 2024

Helpful and interesting websites found by our members

On this page we will post links to various interesting photography/ image capture websites
that have been suggested by our members.

VPC has no affilation with any of the websites listed here.
We will only accept website link suggestions from our members.

The links posted on this page are for information and enjoyment only.



Frames Magazine is a new (2023) publication that prints and ships 4 times a year.
(Subscription is $17USD per month)

Photosnack is a division of Frames and has a daily and weekly online feature on new and old photographers worldwide.
This began October 22, 2023.  (Appears to be free but contains ads for Frames Magazine)

Tim Flach

Tim Flach is an acclaimed photographer known for his captivating and thought-provoking images of the animal kingdom.
He has dedicated his career to documenting biodiversity and conveying a heightened sense of empathy towards our planet’s endangered creatures.
He captures both the power and vulnerability of animals, highlighting their undeniable connection with humans and transporting audiences to a new visual perspective on wildlife and conservation.