This page updated March 06, 2024

Image Submission Guidelines for Evaluations, Outings & CAPA

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2023/2024 Evaluation Topics to hang on your wall!

VPC & CAPA sizing and naming info here

Information for Renaming & Resizing using MAC Finder utility.

Submissions FAQ

Q&A CAPA info about AI & Generative Fill - Jan 2024


  • Only images from members in good standing will be accepted.
  • ALL components of any image submitted must have been created by the photographer.
  • For evaluation meetings, each member may submit up to 3 images.
    At least 2 images on the themes as noted on the meetings page,
    Up to 2 images may be in the open category.
  • Note - You do not have to submit 3 images that is just the max number per member.
  • All images are to be submitted in JPG or JPEG format.
  • 1.8 MB / 1800KB max file size
  • Saving at the highest quality JPG format will give a better quality image display.
  • Images for Evaluation and CAPA may not contain any watermarks.
    Your name, signature or logo must NOT be visible on the image
    **Outings images may contain your watermark at the maker's discretion.**
  • For CAPA Competitions, is there a time limit on when the image was taken?
    As outlined in the CAPA Eligibility Criteria webpage, the submitted images should be recent.
    The determination of what is a recent image is left to the good judgement of the individual photographer.


  • Can I enter the same image in several competitions?

    The two following points contained within the CAPA Eligibility Criteria addresses this question:
    They will NOT enter an identical or substantially the same image more than once into the same CAPA competition (‘individual‘ and/or ‘club‘ categories).
    The ONLY EXCEPTION is for a submission into the Audio Visual Presentation Competition.

    They will NOT enter an identical or substantially the same image into a CAPA competition in which the image has previously received a CAPA Award.
    Images in a series with only slight variations will be considered substantially the same image.
    An image rotated, flipped, re-formatted or converted to monochrome will be deemed substantially the same image.

  • Submission deadline is Midnight on the Sunday before the evaluation meeting.
  • Please include your images as attachments to your email.
    Having them inline with the text will mess up with the filenames when the images get downloaded.
    Some email programs have been known to change sizes and quality of the images when inline with the message body.

  • WeTransfer is a FREE and easy way to bundle up the images to send in.
    We encourage you to sign up for a free account.


Please email your images to:
Evaluations - [email protected]

Outings - [email protected]
CAPA - [email protected] 


Artificial Intelligence (AI) Generated Images 
Review our AI info page at this link, for the CAPA & VPC guidelines that we follow
All components of images submitted must be created by the image maker.


Image sizing

  • The VPC and CAPA sizing guidelines are the same.
  • Square format all sides are 1050px
  • Landscape format (wider than it is tall)
    There are 2 ways to create a landscape image for submission.

    1 - If the width is set to 1400px - Then the height is 1050px or less
    2 - If the height is set to 1050px - Then the width is up to and including 1400px

  • Portrait format (taller than it is wide)
    Height is set to 1050px High
    Width will be less than 1050px
  • In order for us to present your image in the best possible way we suggest
    Between 200 and 300 DPI (pixels per inch).

  • The final submitted file size of the image can be up to 1.8MB (1800kb)
  • MAC has a utility called 'Preview' that works very well for resizing images.
  • Photoshop Tip for sizing:
    Sizing can be set using this quick tip from Thomas H.
    Go to File ► Automate ► Fit Image.
    An image sizing box will come up - put in your Max size for the image and it will do the rest.

Sizing graphic 2Sizing graphic 2


For VPC evaluations and outings, images there are 3 sets of words for each image that you submit:
Your name
Category/ Outing name

For CAPA images there are 4 sets of words for each image that you submit:
Your name
Competition Name

** All File names CAPA & VPC **
There is a space between each word and a space and a hyphen between each set of words.
Eliminate ALL other characters - numbers - dates in the file names.

Evaluations - Georgette Photog is submitting an image for evaluation.
She has decided the Title is going to be ‘Vases and Rock’
The image is being submitted to the open category.

The Evaluation file name of the image when submitted will be:
Vases and Rock – Georgette Photog – open.jpg

Outings have the same format except change the category name to the outing name.
Georgette captured the image at the IPE 2023 outing.

The Outings file name would be:

Vases and Rock – Georgette Photog – IPE 2023.jpg

CAPA is the same format except there are 4 sets of words.
Georgette is going to send the image to the CAPA evaluation committee for inclusion in the 'Pacific 2023' Competition in the 'Nature' theme.

The CAPA filename would be:

Vases and Rock - Georgette Photog - Nature - Pacific 2023.jpg

EXIF/ Metadata info:

This info is required for CAPA and VPC submitted images.

Your Copywrite & / or Creator name is normally added in the menu on your camera.
It can also be added using your image editing software.

Are you new to Photoshop?
Are you struggling with all the different save and save as and export options?
Follow this link to a YouTube video on the YouTube channel PiXimperfect, hosted by Unmesh Dinda.
He produced a chart for the video and it is available for download from him.

He sometimes goes a bit quickly when packing the info into the videos, but it is YouTube - pause and rewind and review anytime.