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Image Submission Guidelines

Please note we have changed the image file naming requirements for evaluation submissions. We are doing this to make the job of receiving, sorting, showing and posting images in the club gallery easier. We thank you for your cooperation in this.

Each evaluation meeting has two main themes and an open category. Members may submit up to 4 images with at least 2 images on theme, up to 2 images may be in the open category. Landscape images must be resized to 1400 pixels horizontally, portrait or square images to 1050 pixels vertically. Each image file name must include the name of the photographer, the title of the image and the topic(s) or open. If you preface the file name with an A it will be given a more in-depth evaluation.

Please rename files with the title >hyphen>photographers name>hyphen>theme. If you would like to have a more in-depth evaluation also put an upper case A in front of the title. Please eliminate ALL other characters or numbers in title, don’t leave the file name or number as it comes out of the camera. See example below.

If John Smith has an image entitled Tahitian sunset that he is submitting in the open category then the file name should be written as:

Tahitian sunset – John Smith-open.jpeg

Image naming (2)Image naming (2)

If you want a more in depth assessment, add an A to the beginning of the file name.

A – Tahitian sunset – John Smith-open.jpeg

Image naming in depth (2)Image naming in depth (2)

It’s very important to name the files exactly as shown above.

If you have any questions at all please email ianbull@telus.net

The submission deadline is midnight on the Sunday before the Thursday evaluation meeting.

Send your submissions to: vernoncamera@yahoo.com

Most picture editing programs will allow you to resize images. Check out the image resizing links below for Photoshop - other editing programs may be different but members can always get assistance with this from within the club.


  • Enter a width of 1400 pixels
  • The height will work itself out automatically

Portrait or Square

  • Enter a height of 1050 pixels
  • The width will work itself out automatically


  • All images must be in JPEG format with file name as described above.

Please note only members images will be accepted for evaluation.

Resizing an image in Photoshop