This page updated February 12, 2023
This page is currently undergoing some updates to the submission guidelines descriptions.

Image Submission Guidelines for all images submitted to VPC.
This includes submissions for both evaluations and the outings committee slide shows.


Download a PDF copy of the 'Evaluation Topics at a Glance' to print out and  hang on your wall

  • All images are to be submitted in JPG or JPEG format.
  • Saving at the highest quality JPG format will give a better quality image display when presented at evaluations or on the website.
  • Images for evaluation may not contain any watermarks.
  • Submission deadline is midnight on the Sunday before the evaluation meeting.
  • Please include your images as attachments to the email, instead of having them inline with the text as this will mess up with the filenames when the images get downloaded.
  • Please send your images to: [email protected]

Image sizing

  • When sizing your image for submission you normally only have to pick 1 side to modify and the software you are using will resize the other sides accordingly.
    *The VPC sizing guidelines follow the CAPA guidelines*

  • If your image is wider than it is tall
    then set the longer (Horizontal) length to 1400 PX wide.

  • If your image is taller than it is wide
    then set the longer (Vertical) length to 1050 PX high.

  • If it is a square image then set the length to 1050 PX.
  • Resolution can be to your discretion:
    Above 100 and not more than 300 pixels per inch will work fine.

  • The final submitted file size of the image can be up to 1.8MB
  • Most of the software programs make note of the file size when you are saving or exporting the image.

Naming your images for submission to VPC.

  • Each month we have 4 topics and Open is always one of them.
  • We will use the 'Open' category as our example with an image named 'Tahitian Sunset' - Submitted by ‘John Smith’
  • The jpg (or jpeg) image filename that John Smith is sending in would be as follows:
  • (*!* Place a space between each word and a dash between each set of words *!*)
  • Tahitian Sunset – John Smith – Open.jpg


Eliminate ALL other characters or numbers in the submitted filename.
Don’t leave any characters or numbers such as the image file number as it comes out of the camera.
(EG: DSC3214.jpg or something like P4145512.jpg)

If you have any questions please email [email protected]


EXIF info

  • It is appreciated if your EXIF metadata info for submitted images has your name included.
    That way we can always make sure that your image is credited to you the maker.
    This is normally done right on the camera or in your editing software.

The following links give you hints on how to resize
There will be more links posted as we find them and as members make suggestions.
Mobile editing and saving is under investigation by some members.

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