This Page updated January 29, 2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI) guidelines for image submissions to VPC & CAPA 

Q&A CAPA info about AI & Generative Fill - Jan 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) images are a discussion worldwide for anyone doing image capture and processing.
VPC has made the decision to follow the CAPA guidelines.
We ask that all members review the CAPA Eligibility Criteria page 
before submitting images for evaluation.


From the CAPA website the crux of the guidelines are as follows:

The use of AI features contained within a post processing application are permitted in our competitions, as long as they comply with competition’s editing criteria and do not include elements that were not captured by the entrant (e.g. element, texture, sky, etc.).
Permitted AI features are limited to: clear, de-noise, masking, sharpening, subject selection, tone adjustments, and/or upsizing.
AI sky replacement is allowed if the new sky was captured by the entrant and if it complies with the competition’s editing criteria

All metadata generated by your camera must be included with the image.  Do not remove the data.
This will assist if there are any questions about AI use in your submitted images.


From the CAPA website the text is as follows:

  • Editing Techniques Not Permitted:

Images without Photographic Origin:
Images that are entirely generated electronically with no photographic origin.

Frames, Borders, Pin-lines, and Mats:
Photograph must not contain any decorative elements like frames, borders, pin-lines, or mats.  This includes the edges and markings of scanned film.  When the frame is integral to the captured image, for instance a window frame or door frame that has been captured by the camera, these elements are permitted.

Artificial Intelligence Renderings:
Images that have been created or modified using specific AI generative techniques – in-painting (where AI fills in generated elements not captured by the photographer or removed elements from a photograph) or out-painting (where the AI extends beyond the original boundaries using generated elements), whether with or without text prompts, are not permitted for submission into a CAPA competitions.

The inclusion of Photoshop application features, such as Firefly’s AI Generative Fill and AI Expand cannot be contained in your image submitted into a CAPA competition.

Similar positions will be taken with other AI systems with these features.

This updated provision will be in effect starting from November 30, 2023, and it will apply to all CAPA competitions.

Image Medata Required:

For all competitions: it is mandatory that your submitted image includes complete image file metadata.
Alternatively, if your image is chosen as a potential winning entry, you will be required to provide the original images (e.g., un-retouched JPG or RAW files) used in developing the submitted images.
Ensure that all requested files maintain the full image file metadata.


Copywrite name and / or creator name are also requested in the image.
This can easily be turned on in your camera settings panel.

Following the CAPA guidelines, please retain your un-edited original image file.

AI image checking websites

There are a few websites at this point that can help you ID images that contain AI.
As more sites are found we will add them to this list.

- Chicago Glaze website where you can gain more details and download the application

- AI or Not -

- Hive AI Detection - AI-Generated Content Classification APIs to Identify AI-generated or modified images and text

-Is it AI? -

-Content@scale -
-Illumiarty -