This page updated  April 16, 2023
Slideshow from April 13, 2023 Evaluations

We suggest that everyone continue to stay safe and follow the guide lines and regulations of the local health authority.

Our Evaluation meetings are held online using Zoom.
Many of our members have found that the evaluations online give the viewer a much better experience.

Our Education meetings are mainly in person and a few will be on Zoom depending on the nature of the topic.

From September through June we meet twice monthly, usually on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month from 7:00 - 9.00 pm either on Zoom or In Person at the Vernon Community Arts Centre.

The first meeting of each month is our Evaluation night presented using the Zoom platform.
Members submit images on set themes for constructive feedback and evaluation by fellow club members.

Having your images evaluated helps develop and improve as a photographer.
This can help you learn what makes a good image great so you can apply these insights to your own efforts.
Please refer to our Image Submission Guidelines for details.

Please submit your evaluation entries to the club general email address -  [email protected] 

Our second meeting of the month is our Education night, which comprise guest presentations, photo workshops, hands-on projects and photo challenges, etc.

Our first meeting in January a members' showcase and pot luck supper, held at the Arts Centre meeting room where we have all of our in-person meetings.

Our last meeting in June is normally a gathering at a local location for a photo opportunity and socializing as we head into the summer.

We also have a number of outings - normally once a month.  Details on the outings is posted on the
outings page.

Other Educational and photographic Opportunities.
We receive offers that VPC members may be interested in taking advantage of - follow this link to the page.

2022/2023 Meetings

Download a PDF copy of the Evaluation Topics at a Glance to hang on your wall

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to access links to the meetings we have completed.

April 27/23

Education Night - Hands on at Arts Centre - 7PM start
The Creative Process - Presented by Pippa Dean-Veerman.  
High / Low Key images and associated considerations presented by Svetlana Shkuratov

May 11/23

Evaluation meeting Topics Zoom
-Multiple Exposure



May 25/23

Education Night - Hands on at Arts Centre- 7PM start
Wildlife - Birds and Animals - A 'Panel Discussion' featuring several of our group wildlife photographers.  
Your Image/Your Edit - Mary-Anne Morgan will be choosing some of the top notch images from our Evaluation Nights and we will hear from the maker giving a brief explanation of the making of that image.
Makers of the chosen images will be notified beforehand. 

June 08/23

Evaluation meeting Topics Zoom
-Creative Flowers
-On or Off Camera Flash

June 22/23

Annual wind-up outing
Still in planning stages - Check back for detail

  Completed meetings for 2022 - 2023
September 08/22 Our first evaluations of the year were for the following subjects:
In My Backyard - Mirrored - That Summer Feeling - Open
September 22/22 Education Night - Hands on at Arts Centre- 7PM start
Macro Photography - A fun and educational time was had by all.
October 13/22  Our 2nd Evaluation meeting with the following subjects:
-Macro or Close-up - Fantasy Composite -Monochrome -Open

October 27/22

Education Night - Zoom
Our presenters briefly went thru various post processing software and how they made use of it. 

November 10/22 Our 3rd Evaluation meeting Topics were:
Spooky or Scary -Architecture -Leaves - Open
November 24/22
Education Night - Hands on at Arts Centre
We had 3 very informative speakers on the subjects of:
Mindful Photography / Creative Process / Photojournalism
A great time was had by all!
December 08/22 Our last evaluation night of 2022 - Topics were:
Minimalist Photography -Creative Paper or Pages -Frozen -Open
January 12/23 Annual Member Showcase Hands on at Arts Centre- 6:30 PM start
We had 44 excellent images submitted which you can see in This Link.
A great time was had by everyone that attended.
January 26/23 Education Night - Hands on at Arts Centre
The ever popular Jim Brompton returned for a full evening of discussing filters on the camera, Landscape Considerations and Landscape photography techniques.  He will also discussed his experiences from Palouse, WA - a location on my photographers bucket list.
February 09/23 Evaluation meeting Topics
Landscape - Snow or Snowflakes - Still Life or Tabletop - Open
February 23/23

Education Night 
A number of members submitted images showing their favorite location for image capture.  It was a very diverse presentation.  Local and worldwide locations were showcased.
Night Photography - A well thought out and engaging presentation showing techniques for light painting.  Many members were inspired and engaged.

March 09/23 Evaluation meeting Topics
Once Upon A Time -Pop Art -Trailing Lights -Open

March 23/23 Flash Photography tips and techniques presented by Ian Bull.
Ian has done portrait photography in the Vernon area for a number of years.

Simple lighting techniques presented by Glennis O'Neill.
For a download of tonight's PDF presentation click here.
April 13/23 Evaluation meeting Topics 
-Symmetry in Black & White -Impressionistic -Portrait or Self Portrait -Open