**IMPORTANT**Due to the COVID-19 emergencies, our Club is taking measures to protect our members' health and safety. We advise all members to follow the guide lines and regulations of the government. From now on until further notice, all of our meetings will be held online. Detailed instructions will be sent to all members by email.

From September through June we meet twice monthly, usually on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month from 6:30 - 9.00pm.

The first meeting of each month is our evaluation night. Members submit images on set themes for constructive feedback and evaluation by fellow club members. Having images evaluated helps you develop and improve as a photographer; it can help you learn what makes a good image great so you can apply these insights to your own efforts. Please refer to our Image Submission Guidelines for details.

Our second meeting of the month is our education night, which comprise guest presentations, slide shows, photo workshops, hands-on projects and photo challenges, etc.

Our December meeting is a members' showcase and pot luck supper which is held at the Vernon Library starting at 6:30pm.

Upcoming meets:

September 10 Evaluation meeting - Topics: Nature/Wildlife(CAPA Oct 1); Splash
September 24
(In Person and Zoom)
Education Night:
Rain Project - Bring your camera and lenses and using your imagination; create some amazing rain images. Reflections of street and traffic lights in puddles, raindrops on flowers and plants, people with colorful umbrellas, etc. Even if it doesn’t rain we will still be out photographing in and around the Polson Park.
Concurrently, throughout the evening there will be an informative “gallery” display of Jim Brompton’s incredible prints inside the Arts Centre. Jim will be there to discuss the story behind the images and to answer questions.
Both the outdoor event and the display of Jim Brompton’s prints require all members to observe COVID restrictions carefully.
October 8 Evaluation meeting - Topics: Panorama; Smartphone(CAPA Nov 16); Suspense
October 22 Education Night: Rick Hulbert - The Lure of Luminance ....Why Black and White Photography can, at times, be so Compelling.
November 12 Evaluation meeting - Topics: Creative(CAPA Dec 30); Fine Art(CAPA Jan 16); Ethereal
November 26 Education Night: Geoff Shuen - "One Year Later" - Geoff will be presenting and discussing some of the images he has created during the past year.
December 10 Annual Member Showcase: Each member is invited to submit up to 2 of their favorite images. Topics are Fall and Open.
January 14 Evaluation meeting - Topics: Series of 4(CAPA Feb 1); Monochrome(CAPA Feb 14); Covid Stories
January 28 Education Night: Lynda Miller - Cellphone Photography
February 11 Evaluation meeting - Topics: Curves & Lines(CAPA Mar 16); Temptation
February 25 Education Night: Dennis Ducklow - "Play-with Double Exposures"
March 11 Evaluation meeting - Topics: Canada, My Country(CAPA Apr 1); Ominous; Pets
March (Date TBC) Education Night:  Henry Schnell - Group of Four/Camera maintenance
April 8 Evaluation meeting - Topics: Cityscape; Fenced In
April (Date TBC) Education Night:  Marc Koegel (Germany) - Fine Art and LE B&W
May 13 Evaluation meeting - Topics: Mechanical/Technology; Spring; Backlit
May 27 Education Night: TBA
June 10 Evaluation meeting - Topics: Broken; Simplicity
June 17 Annual social wind-up and BBQ