"Sally in the Zoom Waiting Room" by Mary-Anne Morgan.  Image scored 26 points"Sally in the Zoom Waiting Room" by Mary-Anne Morgan. Image scored 26 pointsMary-Anne [email protected]
Image - "Sally in the Zoom Waiting Room" by Mary-Anne Morgan
This page updated May 07, 2022
Being a member of VPC has many benefits.
As a paid member you can:

  • Attend workshops offered by Vernon Camera Club;
  • Attend any of our planned 18 meetings and social gatherings each year;
  • Participate in outings/ field trips
    Normally we have 6 to 10 each year or more;
  • showcase your images in our annual gallery exhibitions;
  • submit images for evaluation and/or act as an evaluator;
  • participate in events and competitions;
  • participate in CAPA club competitions;
  • expand and share your knowledge;
  • meet nice people who share your interest;
  • Have access to our members only FB page;
  • Have a link to your personal website on our site;

Membership runs from September to June.

  • Annual & renewal memberships - $50.00
  • Additional Family Members - $25.00 per person
  • High School Students - free (with a valid student card). There is no drop in or membership fee for qualified high school students.
  • College Students - $25.00 with valid student card.
  • Visitors - $5.00 drop in fee (max 2 visits). Fee will be credited towards membership if you join.

Membership fees are adjusted according to the month when you join us.
Sept - Dec -$50
January     -$45
February    -$40
March        -$35
April            -$30
May            -$25
June           -$20
July             -$15 (if the club is active)
August        -$10 (if the club is active)

Dues pay for equipment, presenters, insurance, room rentals and materials.
Please note that club outings are for members only, except immediate family who are accompanying a member on an outing (members must have paid their membership dues at a meeting prior to the outing).
Outings may be to places that require extra fees paid by members who attend.
EG: - Park entrance fees, Entry fees to a business site or private area.

All applications will be reviewed by the membership committee and may be reviewed by the executive committee.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Our membership form is being redone for 22-23.
Please check back in July/ Aug.