Vernon Camera Club organizes field trips and outings throughout the year to enable members to visit and photograph interesting and unusual locations. Our Outings Committee seeks out local and regional locations for our members to visit as a group. Outings and field trips are a unique opportunity to experiment, share knowledge and learn in a fun and supportive group.

September 21 We will visit a private garden in Kelowna area with a variety of well-landscaped koi ponds and a pond supply store. Though not a formal tourist attraction, it is, however, a "hidden gem" of the Okanagan. We will have dinner either at a winery/cidery or somewhere in Kelowna so that we can catch the evening light.  If you don't want to eat out, bring a picnic meal.
Locations:  Scenic Canyon, Okanagan Koi, Water Garden, Crawford Falls, and a winery or cidery in or near Kelowna.
October 17 Kelowna - The Kasugai Japanese Gardens will be our first stop.  The foliage in this garden can be quite spectacular in the fall.  We will then go to a couple of locations along the lakefront and finish with a view of the city both before nightfall and after.
November 19 **Cancelled due to COVID19 restrictions** Kal Lake lookout where we will get cityscape shots.  We will then go a bit further south to a location above the highway to get shots of moving car lights. We finish the evening at Kirkland Park where we can do light painting, etc.  

This schedule is tentative and is subject to change.


See our Outing Galleries for some of the images captured by members on previous outings.