A_A - Topics

A_A1 - Topic 1

A1 A Quiet Moment - Ian Bull - Once upon a time

A2 Far From Home - Wayne Emde - Once Upon A Time

A3 Struthiomimus Drum Museum - Gill Kopy - Once Upon a Time

A4 Grampa's House - David Drake - Once Upon A Time

A5 Happily Ever After! - Bob Johnson - Once Upon A Time

A6 Hobbiton NZ - Bruce Prosser-once upon a time

A7 Kipili Monastery Tanzania - Gill Kopy - Once Upon a Time

A8 I could tow anything! - Paul Graham - Once upon a time

A10 Shattered Dreams - John Gallant - Once Uppon A Time

A11 Spirit of the Fae - Ian Bull - Once upon a time

B_B - Topic 2

B1 Blossom Purity - Dale Eurich - VPC Pop Art

B2 Bubbly - Tor Nenzen - Pop Art

B3 Look Way Up - Lois McNiven - Pop Art

B4 Purple Haze - Bruce Borrowman - Pop Art

B5 Choices - Tor Nenzen - Pop Art

B6 Marilyn Re-imagined - Ian Bull - Pop Art

B7 Pop Art at Petit Palace - Bob Johnson-Pop Art