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A1 Wayne Emde _ Morning Flight - Wildlife

A2 Westcoast tranquility - Richard Hues-Nature

A3 Misty Swans - Gill Kopy-Nature Wildlife

A4 Face of the Dragon - David Guscott-Nature

A5 The Pose - Dale Eurich-Nature-Wildlife 2021

A6 John Gallant Calling my Mate Nature

A7 A Dragon's Tooth Emerges - Glennis O'Neill-Nature

A8 Natural Pastel - David Guscott-Nature

A9 Kevin - Richard Hues-Wildlife

A10 Simple, Not So Simple - Glennis O'Neill-Nature

A11 Apple Stealer - Shirley Blatchford-Wildlife

A12 Yellow on Yellow - David Guscott-Nature

A13 On the Rocks - Bruce Borrowman-Nature

A14 Wayne Emde _ Welcome to My Web - Nature

A15 Hang on - Shirley Blatchford-Wildlife

A16 All Dressed Up-LoisMcNiven-Wildlife

A17 Beauty Bulltrout - Dianna Embleton -wildlife

A18 Breakfast! - Bob Johnson-Nature_Wildlife