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a a 2018 evaluation night

And Did Those Feet...Frances Weeks

After the Hike - Ron Long

Black necked stork - Ian Bull - nature

Big Dipper - John Gallant - Fine Art

Best Behaviour - Glennis O'Neill-nature

Cartoon Cactus - Mike Masella - Fine Art

A terrible beauty - Bettina Engler

Creeping Up On You - Lois McNiven

Dandy Deer - JD Weaver_NatureLogo

Beauty and the Beast - Mike Maselal-Nature

Desert trees - Ian Bull - Fine Art

Dragonfly in Lake Country - David Guscott-Nature

Delightful Encounter - Frances Weeks - Nature

Dragonfly Stu Matthews

Eagle eyed - Ian Bull - Nature

Blue is my world Dale Eurich 1

Caacading Colors - Ray Arlt- Fine Arts

Chosen One - Ray Arlt - Fine Art

Fire Bee_JD Weaver_Nature Logo