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A_A1 - Topic 1

A1 After the Fire - Bob Johnson- Minimalist

A2 All in a Row - Pippa Dean-Veerman- minimalism

A3 Carbide - Tor Nenzen - Minimalist

A4 Cold digits! - Pippa Dean-Veerman- minimal

A5 Cow Parsnip in snow - Gill Kopy - Minimalism

A6 Ethereal- Lois McNiven- Minimalism

A7 Gatzke's - Tor Nenzen - Minimalist

A8 Like a Bird on a Wire - Ian Bull - Minimalist

A9 Lonely Beach - Gill Kopy - Minimalism

A10 Lost Love -Kathy Wylie- Minimalist

A11 Off into the Sunset - Paul Graham- Minimalist

A12 Prairie - Gill Kopy - Minimalism

A13 Sailboat - John Gallant - minimalist

A14 Smoking - Ian Bull - Minimalist

A15 Swan Lake Trail Ride - Paul Graham- Minimalist

A16 Unpretentious- Lois McNiven -Minimalist

A17 Wind Swept -Kathy Wylie- Minimalist

A18 Food chain – Gary Sumner - Minimalist Photography