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  • Evaluators constantly strive to encourage photographers to take more, and better photographs and to have FUN doing it!

  • The purpose of giving evaluations is to offer one's detailed impression of a photograph and offer advice. An evaluation is not to simply say an image is “nice” or “I like it” or “it doesn’t work”.

  • An evaluation is NOT a criticism. Evaluating is not designed to find something wrong. It is designed to first see something right, and then see things that may be improved upon. Evaluators are required to give useful, thoughtful, honest and appropriate assessments.

  • An evaluator sets aside considerations of mere technique and composition and to also evaluate on insight, emotional content, impact, story telling, message, experimentation, etc…

  • Evaluators avoid the “easy approach” by only evaluating the technical/composition aspects. Ignoring other aspects of the image is unacceptable, a disservice to the maker.

  • All images are evaluated appropriately and not “torn apart” - especially over minor details. Evaluators will spend much time looking at numerous images and all deserve the same attention.

  • When an evaluator does not see anything in the image that may be improved upon, he or she will say so and comment as to why.


The evaluators give their evaluations on the images in order to offer encouragement and advice to the makers as well as to help those viewing the evaluations.
The evaluations are given from the evaluator's own perspective, impressions, and opinions of the image.
Perhaps we don't always agree with a particular evaluation but we need to remember that we can always learn from another person's point of view and opinion, especially from someone experienced.
You learn little if the feedback is all praise and I can state from experience that I have learned many things about my own images by listening to a thoughtful evaluation of them.
Even when I may not necessarily be in total agreement, usually when I think about what has been said, they have made valid points.
The evaluator's job is not at all easy and we always need to hear their views with open minds and appreciation.

(VPC member April 2021)

“A good evaluator commends successful insights and content in a photograph and also indicates how weaknesses might be improved.”

“Most of all, evaluations are done in a way that is helpful with the goal of encouraging and helping photographers reach a higher level.”